Movie Review: Another Silly Summer Comedy

The Other Guys

It's definitely a summer full of silly comedies. On the heels of the dumb Grown Ups and Dinner for Schmucks, comes the latest -- The Other Guys. The film marks the fourth collaboration between star Will Ferrell and director/co-writer Adam McKay (Anchorman, Talladega Nights and Step Brothers). This time, Ferrell is teamed up with Mark Wahlberg (The Lovely Bones) as bumbling NYC detectives out to solve a financial crime -- and to prove to their precinct captain and fellow cops that they have what it takes to be heroes.

Full of cartoon-like violence and ridiculous lines, there are laughs here -- although the low-brow humor definitely wears thin after a while. Ferrell is at the top of his goofy game -- and Wahlberg, after dipping his feet in comic roles with Date Night, shows he has the range to garner laughs. Surprisingly, the two do have good chemistry. But a better script could have made this buddy cop film a huge adult comedy success. Instead, it's just a silly, simple movie that seems best targeted to teenage boys.

Ultimately, the film is funnier than the other summer comedies out there, but not by much. At least it doesn't try to be anything but silly -- unlike its predecessors that try to be serious, too. I say save your money now and wait for the DVD. Like most Will Ferrell comedies, it will make for a somewhat enjoyable rental. Also stars Micheal Keaton, Eva Mendes (The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans), Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne Johnson -- and in a funny cameo, Yankees captain Derek Jeter. [Rated PG-13; opens today]

Grade: B-


  • Continuing a trend of interesting closing credits, stick around for a litany of statistics and facts about the current state of our economy. Better suited for a financial documentary, they somehow find a home here. Most of my audience left unaware or uninterested -- which just helps to explain why things are the way they are!
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