The Stairs "Mexican R'n'B" 1991

One of THE great lost albums!From the early 90s liverpool scene there were lots of bands lumped intogether as “mad scousers”, some were ok (Dr Phibes and the House of Wax Equations) some were shitter than shit (Space – if you think they were shit when they started putting albums out in the late 90s you should have seen them 5 years before. jesus. The ginger cunt from space is probably the only person I hate that I’ve never actually met.) One was criminally neglected, relegated to half page articles in the back of NME and underpromoted albums courtesy of GO Discs! who’d probably had enough of liverpool after the La’s debacle.
Presented in glorious mono, The Stairs were so anti-technology that they even sold singles with a piece of sandpaper (Stairtex – a joke based on the EMITEX advertised on the back of early Beatles records) yet for some reason packed this version of the CD with bonus tracks, making the vinyl version of the album a bit pointless, its an unashamed homage to 60s garage and is set in a universe in which the year after 1966 is 1966 again. forever. It is however wonderful, almost impossible to buy for any sort of sensible price and to the best of my knowledge only exists on the net in 192. so here it is presented in glorious 320, ripped from the CD with EAC secure mode.
They did another LP but never released it till 2008 (its called the lost 2nd album though I’m told its actually the third, and the 2nd is confined to a dustbin) main man Edgar Summertyme change his name to Edgar “Jones” Jones and has made great records with a number of bands, google him I can’t be arsed going into it. Enjoy

01 Weed Bus 02 Mary Joanna 03 Mr.Window Pane 04 Sometime The World Escapes Me 05 Flying Machine 06 Out In The Country 07 When It All Goes Wrong 08 Woman Gone And Said Goodbye 09 Sweet Thing 10 Laughter In Their Eyes 11 Take No Notice Of The World Outside 12 Mexican R'n'b 13 Russian R'n'b _ The World Shall Not Be Saved 14 Right In The Back Of Your Mind

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