The Swingin' Neckbreakers "Kick Your Ass" 1997

Abada abada... just had to lie down for a while after listening to this again... this is insanely pumped straight-ahead no-frills rock that swoops down on you, pimps slaps you around the living room for 35 minutes, and leaves you a shattered heap on the floor. These guys are just too... pure to ever make it really big, which is a crime. Lethal rock and roll. - amazonOutstanding! With Jeff Jefferson replacing Shaggy, the Swingin' Neckbreakers put out one of the finest albums of '97. They were Great on thier first two albums and numerous singles (particuarly I'm In Love With Me), but here, third album, wow, FULL THROTTLE!! Full-on rock 'n' roll, with some really great guitar, at a breakneck (NO pun intended, oh jeezus!) -- at a breakneck pace, for most of this album.
New Jersey's finest steeped-in-'60's-garage-rock-and-older-rock-'n'-roll band! Plays like Ramones crossed with the Lyres sans organ, with wild guitar leads (I'll get to My Guitar as its own entity!!!)
The place for ANYBODY interested in the Swingin' Neckbreakers to start, just fantastic.
Highlights for me are, well, My Guitar is the best on here, but Pool Hoppin' is close (WILD!!!-and PERFECT too! woulda been a hit single in a just world; talk about 'bookending' on an album!),also fantastic are: Do The Stand (the ONE dance I can do!!); great cover of Love's Can't Explain (which I heard by these guys first!); Wild, Wild (self-explanatory sound-wise, its about the hottest chick in the world, who you'd be smart to avoid chasing after, but you'd be unable to resist!); and The Flop (which these guys sadly did).
God, this album f---in' RULES!!!
My Guitar? Oh man...
For anyone who loves playing guitar, this --THIS-- should be your BIBLE!
Maybe not sound-wise, you'd get too discouraged; but the lyrics, wow "baby said to me I don't give her enough affection, 'honey was that you said? I wasn't paying attention'"
This guy knows which one is number one -- his GUITAR!!! and the playing with Jeff Jefferson PROVES it! In-SANE leads! SssssmmmmmMOKIN'!!!!!
From a tennis racket to making a real racket, right on!!! the outro lead will blow what's left of your mind after listening to this incredible disc!! You a rock 'n' roll fan? Got some loot to spend on a CD? Whatyre ya waitin for!! But it immediately!! You won't be sorry! - By Shlomo Sinatra (Alaska)trax:
1. Pool Hoppin' 2. Wild, Wild 3. I'm The Mailman 4. This Must Be The Place 5. Better Times 6. Do The Stand 7. Creation 8. Super Stuff 9. Daddy's Little Girl 10. Can't Explain 11. Back Here Again 12. Rip It, Rip It Up 13. The Flop 14. My Guitar

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