Psychotic Turnbuckles "Destroy Dull-City" 1986 - 12"/45rpm-EP

"A lot of people been saying that we ain't been to Pismo, well daddys' this time it's all the way, no more wrong turns, right bugs, and this time, it's carrots all round ... ha ha ha haaaaaaa..." (liner note)Ever since their arrival from the Pismo Beach region of the States, the Psychotic Turnbuckles have been attracting audiences from far and wide with their dangerously wild gigs. Two singles "The Creeps" and "The Crusher" have already been thrown at Dull City (their term for Sydney) with much success, and this mini album is bound to meet with at least the same amount of success. As characters the Turnbuckles are certainly unique (GO SEE THEM!), but musically they are amazing. The songs here recall the finer moments of of the Ramones, Radio Birdman, Iggy Pop and even (forgive me) the Sex Pistols. "Albuquerque" jumps out at you and grabs you around the neck, while "Colours" and "Groove to the eye" shine a little psychedelic glory upon the proceedings. Of the six songs here, not one is bad. The Turnbuckles have given punk a new edge, they've put a bit of glamour to it all and have emerged (as they usually do) victorious. This is one amazing record, essential for the few of us who've yet to succumb to dullness. A RIPPER!! (On the street, Sydney - September 1986)
More thrasharama! Six tracks of Detroit demolition derby music, beautifully produced by Rob Younger who knows about that sort of thing having been one of the legendary Radio Birdmen alumni. In fact it's probably the clearest sound I've ever heard on a record of this ilk, which is a bonus because you know what these maniac guitar assaults sound like without a bit a clarity? Cement mixer time! The Turbuckles have a twin guitar sound that gets hold of a riff and drives it into the canvas with all the fury of the Junkyard Dog, until it's well and truly crying uncle, then on to the next. And they've got a few dandy ones tucked into their wrestling boots, so all six tracks have a distinct feel, as opposed to some well-intentioned bands who only aspire to greatness with only one hold. My two fave raves are "Albuquerque" and the quite different "Sweet Daddy", which I reckon is a dead set hit Single chance. It's perfect party bop, danceable, head-banging, sure to put a smiile on every face. I have no hesitation in recommending Destroy Dull City as the perfect antidote to all the Royal Wedding bulldust. Fair dinkum, it'll make you feel at least ten years younger. (Sydney Daily Telegraph - July 1986)If more 60's inspired bands combined the cartoonish fun and menace of the Psychotic Turnbuckles, I wouldn't brace myself every time I see psychedelic cover art. On Destroy Dull City the blitz of fuzz guitars is powered by an attitude not of reverence but rudeness. These are guys, after all, who though unlikely to be found hanging out with Cyndi Lauper, care more about wrestling than paisley - note the "Inter-continental Rock & Roll Tag Team Champions" belt that Jesse the Intruder proudly displays on the back cover. At just six songs there's no room for dead weight. There's not a lot of variation between songs my fave is "Albuquerque" about surfing in the deserts of their claimed place of origin (before relocating to "Dull City" - Sydney). Destroy Dull City is not the least bit polished or sphisticated, in other words - a lot of fun! (Rockpool USA - September 1986)

Psychotic Turnbuckles:
Jesse the "Intruder" - Vocals / Grand Wizard - Guitar / El Sicodelico - Guitar / The Creep - Bass / The Spoiler - Drums
Produced By: Rob Younger / Recorded at: Trafalgar Studios, Sydney, Australia

1. Albuquerque 2. Colours 3. Leavin' 4. Groove to the eye 5. Sweet Daddy 6. Cool It

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